What is PSN?

At Watertronics, we recognize the need for factory-trained and certified technicians supporting our products in the field. We have built relationships with over 300 independent service partners throughout the country and internationally. The resulting network is a valuable resource to pump station owners, ensuring convenient local service they can depend on.

PSN Service Partners employ technicians with a wide range of experience servicing all types of pumping systems.  They specialize in servicing pumps, motors, controls, valves, filtration, chemical injection, and telemetry.  Beyond Watertronics pump stations, PSN Service Partners provide service and parts sales to any customer, regardless of their pump station’s age, configuration or brand.

Through our PSN Service Partners, we support over 6,000 pump stations in operation throughout the world – servicing the Golf, Landscape, Agriculture, Municipal, Industrial, and Sky Harvester Water Conservation Systems markets.