PSN Services — Upgrades

  1. Mechanical Component Upgrades — Just like automobiles, pump station mechanical parts can wear over the years. Fatigued components will be identified during regular maintenance inspections. PSN Service Partners can provide an assessment and quote on mechanical component upgrades to Watertronics and other pump station brands. Replacement items such as pumps, motors, pressure relief valves, stuffing boxes, etc. can be repaired or replaced, restoring the pump station to its original design performance, and often improving water and energy efficiency.

  2. Control Upgrades — Watertronics PLC Pump Station Control Panels can be utilized to upgrade any existing variable speed drive or fixed speed pump station to current pressure regulation technology using the existing motor switchgear components. They can control a pressure maintenance pump and up to 13 main pumps with additional discreet I/O that can be utilized for pond level control, filtration, chemical injection, etc. A Watertronics VFD Motor Control Panel can also be utilized to upgrade existing variable speed drive or fixed speed pump stations. It is complete with all new components including new motor switchgear. It can control 1 to13 main pumps with many optional features.