PSN Services — Service

  1. Warranty Support — PSN support staff at Watertronics work hand-in-hand with the local PSN Service Partner to make sure the pump station is running properly and efficiently per the design specifications.  Watertronics warrants its pump stations and control panels to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from date of startup or 15 months from date of shipment.  PSN support staff has the single point resolution responsibility and authority for warranty issues of Watertronics pump stations.

  2. Scheduled Maintenance — PSN Service Partners offer regularly scheduled maintenance visits to customers.  The Watertronics warranty requires two semi-annual maintenance visits by the Service Partner, at the customer’s expense, for the warranty to remain in effect.  Factory-trained technicians inspect all components of the pump station and assess the complete operation of the pump station.  They provide the customer with a Pump Station Preventive Maintenance Report including any additional service recommendations and/or upgrades to be quoted at the customer’s request.

  3. Service — When service is required, the local PSN Service Partner is the first line of support for Watertronics pump stations.  The PSN support staff is the next line of support and is available to assist the local PSN Service Partner, or end user, with any issues at any time.  The local PSN Service Partner and the customer can be further supported in resolving any tech issues, if necessary, by the Watertronics engineering and production departments.  All are dedicated to the goal of customer satisfaction throughout the life of their Watertronics pump station.

  4. 24-Hour Emergency Service — A PSN Support Technical Service rep is available 24/7.  In a real emergency, the local Service Partner or end user may call the PSN number at 262-367-1000, wait for the emergency directive and dial extension “300” to leave their name, message and phone number.  A PSN Support Technical Service rep will call back within 30 minutes.  It is helpful to provide the station name, serial number and model number, which can typically be found on the name plate on the front of the pump station control panel.

  5. Winterization — The winter shut down procedure should be performed at the same time the water distribution piping is blown out. To prevent damage to the pump station or its components, PSN technicians are fully trained on proper winterization procedures at the annual PSN Technical Training School.