PSN Services — Set/Start

  1. Pump Station Installation — When the Watertronics pump station is set in place, plumbed to the water source and the irrigation system, powered and grounded, and the water distribution piping system is capable of running the full flow of the pump station, the PSN Service Partner works with the customer or construction manager to start the pump station.  The piping unit is slowly filled until the design point regulate pressure is reached.  The PSN Service Partner then sequences the pumps.

  2. Startup — When the water distribution piping is full and the system has reached the design point regulate pressure, the PSN Service Partner then calls for the system user to activate system flow, which drops the pressure in the piping system.  The pump station is then activated by a set level of flow, a set drop in pressure or a remote input from a system controller.  The PSN Service Partner calibrates the pump station to the water distribution piping system with the assistance of the station user.  The Service Partner runs through the startup checklist, recording incoming power readings per phase and additional data that is archived in PSN support staff’s database for future reference.