PSN Services — Delivery

The following information is an overview of what PSN does in the process of delivering, installing and servicing a Watertronics pump station.
  1. Logistics Coordination — When a Watertronics pump station completes final inspection and dynamic testing, it is prepared for shipping and PSN support staff assumes responsibility.  At least two weeks prior to the station’s scheduled ship date, PSN support staff calls the party who will be receiving the pump station to coordinate its arrival and any logistics of the offloading process.  This includes information on the station’s weight and dimensions, the equipment needed for offloading and setting, and the individual components that will be arriving.

    PSN support staff also communicates and contracts with the selected PSN Service Partner to either offload or supervise the proper offloading of the pump station.  On larger stations, PSN support staff often takes electronic pictures of the load and email them to all parties with instructions on the recommended offloading procedure.

  2. Offloading & Station Setting — Upon arrival at the site, the Customer or PSN Service Partner offloads the pump station with the proper equipment.  The station is set in place on the previously prepared concrete pad.  The station is leveled, secured and plumbed to the water source and the irrigation system.  A locally hired, licensed electrician connects the prescribed power to the station per the national and local electrical codes.  Once the station electrical connection is complete, it is ready for start up by the PSN Service Partner.